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National Mama's Bail Out Day 
New Jersey eliminates most cash bail, leads nation in reforms
We need to reform our bail system w/ Senator Kamala Harris 
Inside America's For-Profit Bail System
Oklahoma Jail Data ( Source: Vera Institute Report):

  • African Americans were overrepresented in the jail. There were almost equal numbers of African Americans and white people in the jail on June 1, 2015 even though whites are in the majority (58 percent of the population) and African Americans make up only 15 percent of the county population.
  • Drug- and alcohol-related crimes were the most frequent underlying charges of jail inmates. Of the top 10 most frequent underlying felony charges, 63 percent were drug/alcohol-related. The majority were non-violent.
  • Twenty percent of the top 10 underlying misdemeanor charges were related to issues with a driver’s license and/or insurance (Figure 6), as were 43 percent of the municipal charges.
  • Of those booked into jail without a warrant, 64 percent faced nothing more serious than a municipal charge or traffic violation.
  • People of color stayed in jail longer than white people. White people had an average length of stay of 19 days, Native Americans 23 days, and black people 24 days
  • Of the 10,453 bookings into the jail that didn’t involve an open warrant, 56 percent were not facing charges more serious than an Oklahoma City municipal charge.=
  • Individualized release decisions informed by a validated risk-assessment tool and the availability of a range of pretrial release and supervision options—with an understanding that pretrial release is the default and not the exception—represent the highest standards of practice in the field and Oklahoma County should aim to meet those standards
  • The sheriff’s office reports that about 12 percent of its daily population has been identified to have a serious mental illness; this is twice the rate of the broader county population, but most likely underestimates the number of individuals with mental illness in the jail.
  • Everyday an average of 700,000 people are condemned to local jails and separated from their families, a majority of them are there simply because they cannot afford to pay bail. (Infographic outlining Arrest to Pretrial detention)

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