Tabernacle: A Movement, Creativity, & Self-Care Event

This is a transformative self-care approach.  We operate within the bare essentials of creative expression to forge an atmosphere conducive for release and growth utilizing art forms such as dance, yoga, mantra meditation, collective artistry, and drumming. 

Event Video features Afia Walking Tree

Artist Tabernacle
Safe space for artists to vibe, thrive, heal, express, and create. Our goal is simple: Artists are the backbone of any movement. They record and reflect the times in which we live, provide sense of hope and promise, and serve as a space of healing. Artists see/feel/experience the world differently. So as far as we are concerned, if artists are sick and underserved, then so is the community. 

Our goal is to ensure our artists our thriving, healthy, and engaged in a communal experience of expression. Regardless of 
yourartform is come and engage in the energy and let's see if we can heighten the frequency of things in this red state.